Advancement Courses

University Partner

Novak Educational Consulting has formed a partnership with Gordon College to offer graduate level continuing education credits.

Enrollment and Transcript Information

How to Enroll for Graduate Credit:

  • Enroll in the course of your choice
  • When enrolling in the course select the "Course + Graduate Credit" option
  • If you are already enrolled in the course, you can add on graduate credits here. Be sure to select the corresponding graduate add-on based on the course that you are enrolled in.
  • Within the graduate credit course, you will be prompted to create your account with Gordon College.

How to Receive Your Transcript from Gordon College:

  • Transcripts and grades are provided by Gordon College, in order to receive your grade and transcript ensure that you are enrolled as a student.
  • Enroll as a student here - Please note that you only need to complete Step 1. Do not complete Step 2 (Registration and Payment), that is managed by Novak Educational Consulting.
  • Once your final project has been approved, Novak Educational Consulting will send your grade, graduate credit fee, and course registration to Gordon College
  • Within 5-10 business days from time of final project approval, you will receive a grade report from Gordon College via email. The grade report will include your student ID number that you will need to enter to receive your transcript.
  • Once you receive your grade report via email, you can request your final transcript here -