Universally Designing PLCs

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

  • Explore Effective PLCs

    Explore and consider how effective PLCs require educators to be learners.

  • Facilitate UDL PLCs

    Plan, prepare and facilitate an effective PLC meeting that is targeted to your PLC goal and universally designed.

  • Support PLC Structure

    Apply learned knowledge to support PLC’s as a leadership group within an organization.


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How the Course Works

  • Review the Syllabus.
  • View/Listen to each module video.
  • Dive deeper into the content. Review readings and resources, the key is to self-differentiate. Choose what works best for you and helps you better understand the content and engage with the lesson
  • Post to the discussion board, interact with your classmates if you choose to, and make connections
  • Taking the course for grad credit? Complete a final project for feedback
  • Receive your completion certificate for 15 continuing education hours or 1 graduate-level continuing education credit (as applicable)
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About the Instructor

Magdalena Ganias

Magdalena Ganias, Ed.D. is a passionate educator, leader, and advocate for creating flexible and nurturing learning environments for both students and teachers. She currently serves as the Manager of Curriculum & Professional Learning K-12 for the Worcester Public Schools in Worcester, Massachusetts but also has worked as a classroom teacher in various urban districts, department head, and school-based administrator. In her current role, Dr. Ganias supports instructional coaches with implementing best practices for leading teachers district-wide, heads the Advanced Placement program, guides curriculum liaisons, and facilitates universally designed professional learning sessions.

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