Educating the Whole Child

Course Objectives

  • Develop a deep understanding of the relationship between UDL and SEL.

    Learn about the components of UDL & SEL and why social-emotional learning is vital for both students and teachers.

  • Help the whole child thrive

    Understand how to create a safe environment for students where the whole child can thrive. Learn how to integrate SEL practices in your teaching content throughout the day.

  • Remove Barriers

    Design and create lesson plans that remove barriers to academic and social-emotional learning.

About the Course

As education has evolved, it has become clear that in addition to academics, it is critical for students to learn 21st-century skills, like collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity to succeed in school and life. Our instruction must go beyond “teaching to the test” to empower students to excel. This requires us to integrate social-emotional instruction into our lessons every day. Universal Design for Learning and Social-Emotional Learning create a powerful partnership in educating our youth. Yet, educators often feel like implementing too many initiatives at once can be overwhelming. There is a beautiful overlap between these two frameworks and this course explores how they complement each other to engage learners and focus on the whole child. When learners are self-aware and able to identify and regulate their emotions and can work well independently or with peers, they can tap into parts of their brain that may otherwise be shut off to learning. Throughout this course, we will explore how to create an environment that fosters social, emotional, behavioral, and academic growth using both UDL and SEL in your learning environment.

How the Course Works

  • Review the Syllabus
  • Watch the video introducing each module
  • Dive deeper into the content. Review readings and resources, the key is to self-differentiate. Choose what works best for you and helps you better understand the content and engage with the lesson
  • Post to the discussion board, interact with your classmates if you choose to, and make connections
  • Taking the course for grad credit? Complete a final project for feedback
  • Receive your completion certificate for 45 continuing education hours or 3 graduate-level continuing education credits (as applicable)

Course Materials

  • All materials are freely linked and can be accessed from each module.


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About the Instructor

Lisa Bosio

Lisa Bosio has been a passionate educator for over 20 years with one goal: to equip and empower teachers to invest in and impact the whole child, academically, behaviorally, socially and emotionally. Lisa graduated from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo) and holds a multiple subjects credential with an English Authorization and an M.Ed in Teaching and Curriculum. Lisa has extensive experience as a classroom teacher, master teacher and district instructional coach. Currently, she is a full-time Induction Mentor, supporting and teaching new teachers in the Sylvan Union School District in California. Lisa is also a Consulting Partner with two universities, Western Governors University and Teachers College of San Joaquin in California, and designs coursework focused on the implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and social emotional learning. She is also an Adjunct Professor in a teacher preparatory program at the Teachers College of San Joaquin. Lisa has designed and delivered district, county and statewide professional development on student engagement, how to create a supportive SEL classroom so all students can thrive, trauma-informed teaching, anti-bullying school-wide support, fostering academic conversations, based on Stanford University’s work on Language Learners, and the implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Lisa thrives on long term professional development relationships and fostering growth in teachers as they optimize the outcomes of all their students.

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